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Reconnect with Serenity and Luxury

Reconnect with
Serenity and Luxury

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the ultimate getaway

Experience the ultimate getaway
Experience the ultimate getaway

At Pnoe Villas, we believe that a luxurious stay is about more than just amenities. Pnoe, which means “breath” in Greek, represents our philosophy of offering a unique and profound

experience that allows you to pause and breathe in the beauty of the natural landscape around you.

About our philosophy

A destination
that breathes summer

Nestled in a serene setting, Pnoe Villas offer the perfect location for those seeking to escape the crowds and experience the ultimate relaxation.
Set just a short distance from some of the world’s most renowned beaches, their strategic location is convenient for daily excursions, nightlife, sea sports and water activities. The privileged location also provides a gateway to discover the wonders of the Cretan culture, history, and cuisine.
Enjoy the rich heritage of the island and explore the nearby historic landmarks and picturesque villages. Discover the hidden gems of the island and create the

vacation you have been longing for, tailored to your preferences and interests. At Pnoe Villas, we aim to elevate your experience and provide you with a truly insightful and authentic journey.

Explore the destination
A destination that breathes summer
the blue
Crete the island of you dream

Crete the island of you dream

Our Services

At Pnoe Villas, we are dedicated to providing a truly luxurious experience for our guests. Driven by this purpose, we have designed and thoroughly selected a set of services that will elevate your stay to the next level. From concierge services that take care of every detail, to private chefs who will prepare delicious meals tailored to your preferences, we have everything you need to create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re interested in taking a private cruise to explore the beautiful surroundings or enjoying a relaxing massage, we’re here to make sure every aspect of your stay is indulgent

and effortless. We believe that every moment of your vacation should be perfect, and our range of services reflects that commitment.

About our services
Our Services
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